Its time to take serious steps for preserving the environment
17.03.2019 Environment Team Chetna
Its time to take serious steps for preserving the environment

Does the future will be green or dry out, it totally depends on us how we tackle with the environmental problems. Nowadays, students are persistently learning out the ways to deal up with the problems to make a difference in the world. Lots of non-profit organizations are giving classes and offering seminars to people to understand what can harm the environment. One such is CHETNA who is working the common people who contribute in protecting this planet. This organization is spreading the goodness by inspiring the people and making them volunteer to work for the environment.

For healthy living, a clean environment is a must

Definitely, you don’t want your surroundings to be polluted with toxins or contaminants that affect your health as well. Any kind of outside pollution shows direct effect on your heart and leads to asthma too. One can also get gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, or neurological disorders if there is water population.

The increase in Earth’s temperature is a main concern

It is absolutely true that small changes in temperature can cause some kinds of dangerous weather changes. And, you know what; we humans are the most responsible being to result in global warming. By keeping these things in mind, the volunteers of CHETNA organization educate the people likewise and make them understand why it is important to keep our environment pollutant free.

Recycling the things

Recycling is the best thing that can convert your disposable garbage into usable things. That’s why; many companies are opting for this recycling service. This is a way to contribute in making the nature clearer.

Biodiversity is quintessential

In a simple term, Biodiversity relates to animals, plants and living things present in the world. If anything happens to any of them, the whole chain reaction will going to suffer. The greater is the biodiversity of life; there are enhanced opportunities to make this Earth better.

Save water, save yourself!

Have you ever realized that there is lots of water wastage around us and we are the only one who does such wastage? Lots of tips are available in the internet that makes you understand how you can prevent wastage of water or limit its use.

Out there are lots of NGOs are concerned about the same issue and start focusing to find out real solutions to prevent the environment. They are trying to educate all people about the disaster management and asking them to contribute in making our nature beautiful. In actuality, NGOs really play their part in framing all the environmental policies, giving protection to the endangered species, and doing various conversations.

Prama Jyoti is the best NGO in India who is proudly announcing the new project CHETNA AWARDS. This organization is espousing the people who are putting efforts in giving a change to the environment. One such example is Shivani Bharadwaj who has put her efforts in protecting the environment. We are bringing goodness in the world by introducing such people who are giving their real contribution. To turn the unique idea into reality, we are looking for the real inspiring stories to show their acts of goodness.

Our founder Mr. Ravi Sharma is a business leader and himself started his life as a village student. Be seeing today’s problem, he decided to take steps in transforming the lives of people living in remote areas. By introducing Prama Jyoti and CHETNA organization, he claims to educate thousands of students and making people aware by the current problems.

Make your contribution by plant a tree and make the surroundings greener. It’s your turn now!


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