Lets Spread Goodness Together !!
07.05.2019 Spreading Goodness Team Chetna & PJF
Lets Spread Goodness Together !!

Dear Friends and well wishers ,

I am happy to share that Prama Jyoti Foundation is completing 10 years of Spreading Goodness . In these years more than 10,000 students have benefited with better education , scholarships & awards and hundreds of patients received medication ; Professionals of several corporates have been motivated to choose goodness as their way of life and hope is planted in life of parents of thousand of children who are being educated in rural schools . This has been an overwhelming journey .

The dedication and commitment of PJF team has been recognised by one & all but most importantly by the beneficiaries by virtue of experiencing the enhanced life .

Last year PJF started a new program "Chetna" towards inspiring goodness by discovering , recognising and supporting those individuals who have chosen goodness as their way of life . I have been sharing stories of these Chetna heroes with you .

Our efforts are getting heart warming response and several people have shown their keenness to participate in this initiative of spreading goodness .

Therefore , after 10 years since the inception , we are now opening PJF for contributions from friends and well wishers . You are most welcome to contribute any amount you wish . The contribution can be made for specific cause or for promoting goodness in entirety .

Our goal is to reach 10 Lac people through Chetna Heroes in next 5 years !!

For more details on programs and initiatives , please visit


Your contributions can create hope for many and will be used to support the efforts of Chetna Heroes who are committed to make this world a better place , a world full of goodness !

The contributions can directly be sent to the following bank account 

Prama jyoti Foundation   

Account No. :: 3400289631 

IFSC :: CBIN0280311

Central Bank of India 

Lajpat Nagar  

New Delhi - 110024

The donations are exempted under 80G of Income tax .

Let’s spread goodness together !!


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