Let's all pledge To a Rabies Free and a compassionate India
20.05.2019 Healthcare Janani Krishnamurthy
Let's all pledge To a Rabies Free and a compassionate India

We are to start the abc arv program once again in Kodaikanal along with Kodaikanal municipality in collaboration with HSI (humane society international )India . We will also start the abc arv program in Dindigul corporation in collaboration with HSI India.

Once Abc Arv for a certain number is completed we will do mass anti rabies vaccination camp for entire Kodaikanal town and Dindigul town along with a maintenance phase to atleast do 20 dogs a month with our own Visiting Vet , catchers and handlers. Our goal is to make Dindigul district rabies free.

This year we have our working equine medical camp in collaboration with WVS India not only in Kodaikanal hills but to cover the entire Dindigul district.

We will continue to work with the forest department and other departments including educational and other religious institutions to ensure giving educational awareness to them and  to the public about  rabies , proper humane treatment of animals ,waste management , and the protection and importance of our fauna and flora. 

Thank you all for the support and please do continue supporting us . 

“Let’s all pledge To a rabies free and a compassionate India“ 

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