Understanding the loopholes of Indian Education System
17.03.2019 Chetna Team Chetna
Understanding the loopholes of Indian Education System

The Indian Education System is directly related to its economy. The government has a goal to educate the young generation of today and prepare them for the future development. At the present time, most of the big companies demand for well-educated employees. It is seen that the presence of rote learning is actually killing the creativity and originality of an individual. The best thing that can be done is freeing a person to learn what he or she wants to. Despite of everything, there are certain loopholes which are eating the education system. Let’s have a look on them.

CHETNA organization is rewarding such people who are giving their contribution in educating the underprivileged children. All those heroes are selected on the basis of the way of life they want to give to those children. Our whole sole mission is to motivate millions of people to do good for Indian society. And, their contribution is praised by our organization.

Absence of functional literacy

There is this truth that most of the Asian countries generally invest in primary education. The reason behind it is that they want to enhance the functional literacy so that each and every citizen easily completes the reading part. Excluding IT-enabled services, the other sectors are quite appalling.

Emphasizing on theoretical knowledge

In most of the schools in India, teacher believes in giving theoretical knowledge rather than providing practical information. The Indian students are generally seen carrying a heavy bag full of books. In the process, students start losing their interest in subjects. One of the biggest flaws which are counted yet is that such kind of practice kills the curiosity of a child. The real heroes at CHETNA organization is well-versed with the fact and shows their action accordingly.

Discrepancy in different subject streams

Most of the time, Indian parents generally force their children to take engineering, law, medicine and manage to have a better future ahead. They forget that there are more new professional courses available at the current time. The education system basically offers only limited choices to do graduation.

Following talk and chalk system of teaching

The same old ‘chalk and talk’ system is followed in India. A room of improvement is still needed in the education system. Yes, there are little changes made in the education system where schools are adapting modern technologies to teach the students.

Students are powerless to master any subject

The students in India make learning different subjects from Geography to Biology. But, students fail to generally focus on a particular subject and excel in one which is their favorite. NGO for children are nowadays working for knowing what exactly students of the present era is looking for.

The silly rat race

It is a bitter truth that the education system in India is actually promoting the rate race among the children and forces them to come in top position. Without understanding the concept of a subject, they are just murmuring the things out.

These points are really the concern and need to be worked upon as early as possible. The CHETNA Organization a successful project of the Prama Jyoti Foundation is looking for the people who have somehow contributed in making the Indian education system the stronger one. We embrace such people for showing goodness as a way of life. The aim is to support their good cause, their acts of goodness and improve their way of living. We are here to promote their stories and make them recognized globally.

Being an initiative of Prama Jyoti Foundation, we appreciate those who want to play an important part in improving the situation of Indian society. We work to see a better India and light the flame of Goodness. Join the hands with us and become a part of our organization.


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