Education First

Aadhaar - The Foundation

Aadhaar is PJF’s primary projects started in the year 2010. As the name suggests this project aims to provide a strong base for education for school children. Under this schools are adopted and upgraded by providing necessary reinforcement in both tangible and non tangible forms:

  • Improvement in infrastructure in form of building extra class rooms, library, toilets, boundary walls, plays area etc.
  • Providing other facilities like furniture, library, computers, and projectors.
  • Clean drinking water, cleaning, and beautification of the premises and the surrounding environment.
  • Appointment of additional teachers and other supporting staff.
  • Scholarships and awards to deserving students and staff.
  • For an all round development students are encouraged to travel and take part in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

    Some yardsticks for PJF adopted schools:

  • High Enrolment and low drop out ( Nearly 1000 students)
  • Gender parity (Girl student ratio raised from 27% to 50%)
  • Academics improvement (average marks up by 73%)
  • Ease of learning and overall development Bringing laurels in every area like Sports, Scout and Guide Essay writing and others.
  • Visibly remarkable progress, competing with the high-end schools of the area. In fact they are considered to be one of the best schools of the area and there is a long queue for admissions in them.
  • Another activity under project Aadhaar involves Evening classes for the kids living in slums of Delhi. These classes are being taken by PJF volunteers.

Other Wrapped Up Projects

In its journey of last 9 years PJF ventured into many spheres which came along our way in order to spread Goodness through its following activities.

Awards and scholarships for the students of IIT Roorkee for promoting excellence in sports and other hobbies like photography etc.

Launched music album with songs written by Ravi Sharma for promoting Goodness through Arts and culture.

Distribution hygienically packed food and drinking water to street people in Delhi and Orissa.

Distribution of warm clothing and medicines Uttarakhand and Delhi.

A free for all ambulance service in Orissa.