General Information

The Chetna is an initiative of Prama Jyoti Foundation to recognise, appreciate and collectively reward those who have chosen goodness as their way of life. It’s an initiative to curate and present stories of those larger-than-life heroes amongst us who give, selflessly, to the world at large. We hope that these stories will motivate others and many. We endeavour to create an environment of support for their cause and also the environment and others who wish to pursue their heart’s desire to contribute to the society or those who would simply want follow someone else’s idea. We would help in enhancing the lives of those following Goodness and thus set an example for others to follow goodness as their first option!

The first goal of Chetna is to motivate at least 1 million people in a span of 5 years in taking vows to choose goodness as their way of life and enhance lives of everyone around.

It is an endeavor to honour the many altruists amongst us and thank them on behalf of their many beneficiaries and for the vision they have projected.

Chetna is an attempt to knock at the walls of everyone’s conscience so that each one steps ahead to help anyone in need, so that it becomes a culture, a rule, and not an exception.

Let’s Bring More Goodness Into The World.

Prama Jyoti Foundation (PJF), an NGO which started in 2009, is committed to bridge social and economic gap in India through quality education for all and promoting an attitude of caring and sharing in general.

With tremendous faith in the power of humanity and treasures of nature to have enough for everyone on this earth, PJF believes that it is the unequal distribution of resources that creates an imbalance, and education can be a big balancing act for this. PJF is running several projects to bring quality education for all at an early stage especially in government schools of north India.