Help For Education

We at Child Help Foundation, go by the saying “Teach Them Young” . It's a known fact ”the younger the brain is, the more receptive it is”. Building schools accessible for all and then bringing the young brains into it to Impart Education is a huge task at hand in the current scenario. We took up the challenge, in whatever minuscule way, but successfully breaking barrages and cruising forward by creating our Education Programme.

The next challenge lies in getting the right staff who is equally trained for these schools. Though India has no dearth of educated, trained and willing teachers. Due to various, obvious, visible and invisible factors, many deserving candidates are still counted as unemployed. It’s similar to the case of a small canvas with loads of colors with few quality painters. We have successfully tried bridging the gaps with our initiatives, wherein Volunteers, Social Workers, paid Part-timers etc are contributing, through us, in the national vision of Education for all.

We believe, collectively we all together can bring about a qualitative change in our society. And here again, in our projects, we took active support from one and all, Individuals, Corporates, Institutions and Societies etc. Our chain of valued Donors and selfless Volunteers, whose number is increasing day by day are the main Architects.