PJF – An Overview
PJF – An Overview

Prama Jyoti Foundation was founded by Ravi Sharma in 2009 with the single mission of “Spreading Goodness” in the world.

Ravi believes that the genesis of all problems of our world lies in the phenomena of shrinking goodness around us and PJF was started to solve this very problem.

The thought of “Spreading Goodness” has received wide spread support and appreciation from eminent personalities and common man alike . This included some flagship programs of PJF as well as the unique Global Goodness Network with the name of “Chetna” for “Inspiring Goodness”. Also more than 10000 children in rural schools of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have already benefitted from the programs of PJF towards value based education and indulging them in technology through introduction of Internet at early age.

PJF believes that real purpose of life is only fulfilled when one is able to spread Goodness beyond our families and near & dear ones; when we become the reason of happiness for someone else. Goodness and Happiness always stay together and therefore for a happy life , it’s important to devote oneself to Goodness . As a result , all the inspirational work of goodness done by ordinary people guide it's vision every day. Under the program Chetna, such individuals are recognised as Chetna Heroes and PJF remains committed to support Them in all possible ways so that it kindles a ripple effect and remains the inspiration for all others.

PJF believes that shrinking of Goodness is the result of psyche of society that appreciates only success and a human being only does what he gets appreciated for. Therefore we must create this consciousness in one and all to appreciate goodness and much as we do success . That can only make our society more sustainable and happy.

PJF has pledged to create a world full of goodness through a three way process of Identify-Appreciate-Inspire

Prama Jyoti Foundation
Let’s Bring More Goodness Into The World.

Prama Jyoti Foundation (PJF), an NGO which started in 2009, is committed to bridge social and economic gap in India through quality education for all and promoting an attitude of caring and sharing in general.

With tremendous faith in the power of humanity and treasures of nature to have enough for everyone on this earth, PJF believes that it is the unequal distribution of resources that creates an imbalance, and education can be a big balancing act for this. PJF is running several projects to bring quality education for all at an early stage especially in government schools of north India.

There is a compelling need to identify and recognize people of conscience and promote their way of life to cultivate and replicate the virtue. Chetna Awards is a step forward in their efforts to do so.

Join the mission of Inspiring Goodness by relating your acts of kindness or nominating someone else, who has embraced goodness as a way of life, for Chetna Awards.