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Spreading Goodness


Prama Jyoti Foundation is delighted to announce
the launch of its new project CHETNA under the mission of
Spreading Goodness!


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Teacher’s Day 5th September

A special day for Chakia and Nikhaar kids.

They treated their teachers with all nice describing words through fun games.

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Independence Day 15th August 

Prabhat Feri Chakia school kids marching through rain celebrated the dawn of freedom in full spirits !! 

Later on the whole school gathered for flag hoisting.

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Project Nikhaar schools kids celebrated I Day amongst smiles, sweets songs and dances.

One class 5th student Shahnawaz spoke few lines in English on relevance of Independence Day.

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The Glow of Nikhaar

The visible impact in the first quarter is:


Students attendance has improved significantly.


Kids are making friends with English Language and are getting out of the undue fear of English being too difficult for them.


Kids are learning English words for their everyday use and can relate to it.


Some kids can make small sentences.


All kids are keen to learn and are able to express better.


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PJF Chairman’s interview


“One had realized it quite early that there are two sets of the problem that needs to be tackled. First is the education to poor and second is employment for the educated youth. Though both may look related but in reality, they are not. One needs to tackle them separately……..


……..I am confident that we shall be able to solve the above 2 issues with the help of strategic deployment of technology solutions.” Said Ravi Sharma in an interview with S. Pandey from


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PJF Calling


1.4 +

million children aged six to eleven in India are out of school

– FirstPost


girls are not enrolled in schools compared to 28% boys

-ASER, 2017


of class 8th children could not read class 2 level English text

-ASER, 2015


 The above statistics are really alarming but there is still hope…


Education is an instrument for good health, empowerment and employment. According to sources, on average, each additional year of education boosts a person’s income by 10 per cent and increases a country’s GDP by 18 per cent. 


All of us need Goodness around us to be happy, all of us also have a role to play in spreading Goodness and building a happier society.


The clock is ticking and there is no time to lose. Get involved with us and become a torch bearer spreading the light of Education and Goodness for all.


PJF Programs


PJF Impact


Students academic year supported 


Excellence Awards


Travel grants for students


Govt schools having English classes


PJF Team


‘Founder and Chairman’

A distinguished alumnus of IIT Roorkee, a business leader, philanthropist and a writer, Ravi Sharma started his life from a village school and has walked up to the most influential corridors of the corporate world. 


Popularly known as a transformation expert in the business arena, Ravi decided to play his part in transforming lives of underprivileged and started Prama Jyoti Foundation in 2009.

Through PJF he dreams to empower those less fortunate ones with an access to better education, updated technology, enhanced language and other soft skills.

Ravi also cheers for spreading a culture of Goodness for a happier and more balanced world.


“The gap exists in society because we appreciate only success
but expect goodness from people.

We forget that people only do what they are appreciated for!!”

-Ravi Sharma


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