Spreading Goodness



An inspiring program to promote excellence and acts of goodness amongst students and other individuals.


Projects under Spreading Goodness


Utsav- Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life awards were started in 2014 by Prama Jyoti Foundation. These are memorial awards given in memory of our friends from IITR 84 batch, who left us too early in life,
The thought that prevailed behind these awards is that we should always remember our loved ones who are no more with us with a sense of joy and recall the good times that we spent with them during their life. We should celebrate their life instead of mourning their death.
Since 2014, these annual awards were given every year during charter day ceremony on 25th November, the alumni day of IITR.
Families of the departed souls were invited by PJF to give awards to the students of IITR in various Academic and non-academic fields. 

2018 (New Ways)

PJF always cheers for a life full of goodness and gratitude for all. From this year onwards PJF has decided to change the format of celebrating Life awards also as a part of  Goodness Awards.

Students of IIT Roorkee will be Awarded for their work prompting social goodness. 




We all crave for happiness. Happiness has direct relation with Goodness. Goodness comes from good hearted people who always help others, promote positive thoughts such as gratitude, forgiveness and generosity. These good hearted people are the conscience /Chetna of our society. They have consciously chosen goodness as their way of life and we must recognize and reward them in order to inspire all others to follow their example.

CHETNA is an idea, a mission to identify, honor and reward ordinary people for the acts of goodness carried out by them in their daily lives. These could be both random and regular acts of goodness.

To turn this unique idea into a reality Prama Jyoti Foundation has joined hands with Democracy News Live. Together they have given this idea a shape in form of The CHETNA.

Chetna is a celebration of humanity which plans to bring inspiring stories of individuals into light through short videos and promote those on different platforms be it social media, digital media, TV, Radio or print media.

The impact of Chetna is going to be powerful in terms of its ability to cause a ripple effect and inspire others to follow suit.


Other Wrapped Up Projects


In its journey of last 9 years PJF ventured into many spheres which came along our way in order to spread Goodness through its following  activities.

Awards and scholarships for the students of IIT Roorkee for promoting excellence in sports and other hobbies like photography etc.

Launched music album with songs written by Ravi Sharma for promoting Goodness through Arts and culture.

Distribution hygienically packed food and drinking water to street people in Delhi and Orissa.

Distribution of warm clothing and medicines etc.in Uttarakhand and Delhi.

A free for all ambulance service in Orissa.

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