A distinguished alumnus of IIT Roorkee, a business leader and philanthropist, Ravi Sharma started his life from a village school and has walked up to the most influential corridors of the corporate world.

Ravi strongly believes in power of humanity and abundance of nature to have enough for everyone one on this earth, but unequal distribution of resources creates a disbalance and discord between human beings. This gap widens even more in society because we don’t appreciate the goodness of hearts in people but only their success. Therefore the attitude of helping others is slowly vanishing from our world.

Popularly known as a transformation expert in the business world at the acme of his career, Ravi decided to transform the state of affairs for underprivileged and started Prama Jyoti Foundation in 2009.

His dream to extend quality education and promote a life of goodness to all is turning into a reality through PJF. And now with Information technology predominating our lives, Ravi is highly positive about the due transformation more than ever.

Website : www.ravisharma.in



Dashrath Singh Ji is the first teacher of Ravi Sharma and is a revered soul.

At the age of 74, he cycles for more than an hour each way every week

to inspect and coordinate the activities of the school in Chakia!

His blessings and dedication is what motivates us all.



Sajat Jain

He is associated with Prama Jyoti Foundation since its initial days and helps with executive work of the foundation.

Sajat is the Co-founder & COO at HealthScion, where they are working relentlessly to make health care easily accessible to the people and improve their general well being through use of technology and big data analytics.

In 2014 he came up with a unique way to save some lives by donating his stem cells through Datri World registry.



She leads and works as an administrator across all projects of Prama Jyoti Foundation.

She works with the team of students and other volunteers also to build and maintain the Brand PJF.

Sandhya is based in Roorkee and has earlier been associated with other NGOs also.

She was actively involved in the women empowerment initiative of IIT Roorkee.

Advisors of PJF

All our Advisors are our strength. They themselves live a life of excellence and truly believe in the spirit of PJF.


Prof. S.C. Handa


Before even retiring from Deptt of Civil Engineering IITR, Dr. Handa had set up ‘Anushruti’,

a school for hearing impaired children. He has truly created magic in lives of these children.

In 1998, he got National Award  for being the ‘Best Individual Serving the Disabled’

from hands of then PM AB Bajpayi. PJf feels blessed to have him with us.

Prof. Rama Bhargava

IIT Roorkee

 Dr. Rama Bhargava is a professor in maths department of IIT Roorkee.

Very active and kind hearted lady with great administrative skills.

She is involved in several social projects in and around Roorkee.

She is a big help in all Roorkee based projects of PJF.

Rohit Gandhi

New Delhi

He is the Editor in Chief of Democracy News Live. Rohit is an outstanding journalist.

He has covered many significant stories like Iraq war, Afghan war and Srilankan tsunami.

Films and TV shows made by him have won many prestigious awards including Emmys.

Over the years Rohit has been working towards developing new age technologies for news rooms. 

P C Tewari


Dr. P. C. Tewari, is a Professor in Mechanical Engg. Dept., N.I.T. Kurukshetra.
He is also the Advisor of  Student’s Club for Social Action), an initiative of N.I.T.K.

towards Social Responsibility and mainly working for Basic Education to the under-privileged children from N.I.T.K. and nearby areas. He is initiating PJF projects in Kurukshetra.

Friends of PJF

All Friends of PJF are individuals who come from different walks of life but they have one thing in common that they are highly compassionate people, always willing to make a difference and help others. We can always count on them for PJF, be it running an errand or just to cheer us up.

Shakila Smriti



Shakila Sharma is a very renowned and popular singer from Bangladesh, having rendered & recorded more than 9000 songs . She is associated with several charitable institutions in Bangladesh and now provides support to PJF for its cultural expanse . She is wife of Ravi Sharma.

Pankaj Agrawal



After serving on top levels in telecom sector , Pankaj has now established his own business . Eager to support any social activity , he is associated with PJF since beginning and is always there when needed. He is Alumnus of IIT Roorkee.

Poonam Bajaj



A working mother and with a caring heart , Poonam is always on forefront of helping poor & weak on individual basis as well as through social organisations . A positive thinker with an insightful and spiritual bent of mind , she supports all Delhi based activities of PJF.

Dr. JP Singh


A highly competent and successful Surgeon. Dr JP Singh is big strength of PJF. Based in Varanasi , he actively supports projects at Chakia school . He has received many awards including Benaras Ratn and Kashi Ratn for his professional and personal excellence.

Reena Bansal

Knoxville TN USA


Reena Bansal is a very creative and happy person, who spreads happiness wherever she goes. She is capable of bringing any place alive with her energy and sense of humor. PJF is lucky to have a big enthusiast friend like her.

Dr. Shikha Jain



Dr. Shikha Jain is a psychologist. She is the student counsellor of IIT Roorkee. A very down to earth, sincere and accountable person. She is a big supporter of PJF.

Manisha Batra



A dedicated family as well as social person.
She is such a sweet soul. A true believer in humanity, which shows on her face and all her actions. She is a part of Project Nikhaar team.

Dr. Poonam Parida



Dr. Poonam Parida is a senior scientist at CBRI. A full of life person, who is always ready to contribute wherever and whichever way she can. Her positive energy keeps herself and everyone around her going and going. She is in Project Nikhaar team of PJF.



WhatsApp Image 2018-05-22 at 6.38.15 PM

Lives in city Kamianske of Ukraine
A gifted painter and teacher, who grew up in a wonderful family of artists and studied folk painting in form of Petrykivka, a Ukrainian decorative painting which is now accepted as the Intangible Heritage by UNESCO.
Olena is an outstanding photographer too.
Her threefold mystical love for nature, humanity and India is something too special and bounds her with us at PJF.

Sukalyan Bhattacharya


A very known Artistic Director/choreographer in India and Abroad , Sukalyan is very talented artist who truly exalts in his art. He runs his dance studio in Kolkata and Canada imparting training to budding dancers . Sukalyan is supporting cultural initiatives of PJF .

Student Volunteers


Prashant Ahirwar

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-21 at 5.05.12 PM

Sourab Kumar Yadav


Mrunali Damania


Pritesh Sonar