It was truly a privilege being a part of annual function of Chakia Schools in February this year. It was a celebration of being human, a confirmation of believing in human values and emotions.

A school is a place which revolves around the relationship between teachers and the students. All teachers of Chakia School including The Principal Sri Rajesh Patel stand excellent at their place and relate to the students very well.  But there was one unique bond which was dominating all others was this almost fifty year old Guru/Shishya relationship between Ravi Sharma and his first Guru Sri Dashrath Singh Ji. They both were so visibly happy to see each other and just not having enough of each other.  The Guru was looking at his Shishya constantly as if he wanted to make up for the whole year and save the moments until they meet again.The shishya was like a cheerful child with sparkle in his eyes in presence of his guru.

And the cherry on the top was in the end, when the guru came running riding his bicycle for several kilometers to give the shishya his chashma (Specs) back, which was mistakenly left at school.

This episode reminded me of some of my own favourite teachers from my School and College times. Although I am not fortunate enough to be in touch with any of them.

But if I just think about the people who have taught me anything personally in last 15-20 years. Two names come into my mind.

One is my computer teacher Vikrant Maheshwari in 2003, He was a boy in his early twenties, who used to first bring a chair for me to sit and then grab one for himself in the hall of STEP IIT Roorkee, where I had enrolled for this course.

Second my driving teacher, Pappu in 2000, who to begin with, was not very excited about instructing housewives, how to drive because he felt  that they dont continue driving even ater learning.

Both Vikrant and Pappu were really good in their areas and really made my fundas clear. we do share a special concern and a distinct type of connect till date. Whenever I bump into them in some gathering etc. Vikrant is curious if I am really using my computers knowledge and he is happy to know that I sometimes even take classes for basic computers course for women.

Pappu would ask और गाड़ी चला रहे हो ना.. कहाँ कहाँ ले जाते हो ? ( Are you driving regulary?)

And I see a spark of satisfaction in his eyes when I tell him  कि मैं तो रूडकी के बाहर भी ले जाती हूँ.( I drive on highways outside Roorkee also)

and then he would say proudly आख़िर सिखाया किसने है! ( Who trained you after all !)

Same is the case with all the teachers of both my kids who happen to meet me every now and then Roorkee being a small town. They all are always curious to know what both of them are upto. And that concern surely is not just a casual enuiry that I can very well sense.

There are few kids of my friends and aquaintainces whom I guided in some subjects at some point of time. I also have a different care for their where and how abouts… a little more than the other kids.

This makes me a admirer of the virtuous relationship of a Teacher and disciple (Guru and Shishya). This gives me enormous hope for the future, no matter how much we nitpick present times that todays teachers are not dedicated enough, they just don’t care for the students don’t carry that kind of regard for their teachers any more. It is still a special bond, an emotion of care and concern which once sprouts up… never withers away.

Once a Guru! Always a Guru!


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