4th February 2017 Chakia Prathmik and Poorv Madhyamik Vidhyalaya….

It was the annual day celebration at school, a celebration of completing yet another fulfilling year.

It was a grand event…with music and drums, flowers petals and garlands. There were colorful rangolis and beautiful embellishments everywhere.

In fact, it was like a festival, a festival of happiness and joy all over and in everyone’s heart whoever is connected with the school, be it the students, staff, teachers, parents, guests or the mentors.

It was a feel-good day right from the beginning. A feel good not only in terms of the things one could see with eyes or touch with hands but also the things which can be felt by heart and touched by the soul.

It was not only about the computers and projectors, clean toilets and well-kept premises, the greenery and flowers or the well painted walls with bright murals …it was about something beyond …it was about the high spirits, pure hearts, happy faces and bright smiles, confidence of being in best hands and hope for an even better tomorrow .

Each emotion and expression was so genuine, so pure and at its peak…as if each one was urging me to write a story.

The gratitude and thankfulness towards God and his ways.

The faith in humanity and love for the country.

The care and concern in the gestures of the veterans and teachers,

The dreams and hopes in the eyes of the young ones.

The confidence in girl students who could just be themselves without being conscious of the fact of being a girl.

Altogether they all carried a dream, a vision of bright and happy future for themselves and for everyone else.

They were all so visibly cheerful in the presence of their elite guests. They surely were inspired by them but not awed by them. They could connect with them enough to convey that Thanks for being there to give us a hand and now we are ready to go out in the world and make you proud.

The cultural program was so well rehearsed. The mike was hosted exceptionally well by one of the teachers with his phenomenal knowledge of Hindi verses. Some of the finest words of encouragement and blessings were imparted by various distinguished guests and officials.

Towards the end, it was getting quite late… kids were hungry and started getting restless and noisy waiting for their lunch break…Which was way past its time.

One of the teachers came on the mike and tried pacifying them in their special little way with their own special slogan.

Teacher: “अच्छे बच्चे कैसे?” (Achchhe bachche kaise?)

All Kids: “चुप चाप जो बैठे !” (Chupchap jo baithe !)

Repeat three times…..

But there was a different slogan playing in my heart altogether…

“अच्छे बच्चे कैसे?” (Achchhe bachche kaise?)

“आप लोगों जैसे !” (Aap logon jaise !)



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